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Sheep Dash!

Lack of sleep can affect your reaction times. This is a cute online game that tests how alert you are and also reveals the impact of a cup of tea or coffee on your performance. What was your reaction time? Did it improve after a cup of coffee or tea?

I have not tried this after a cup of coffee or tea. Yet.

Update 1: okay, after one cup of black tea, my reaction times are improving: 0.2042 seconds and counting (down), although I still rank as a bobbing bobcat. Next experiment: coffee.

Update 2: after a decent night’s sleep and one vente iced latte, my reaction times have improved. I am now a rocketing rabbit with 0.1990 seconds as my response time, despite the fact that I am using someone else’s computer that I am quite unfamiliar with.



  1. #1 john m. lynch
    May 31, 2006

    0.2116 – and that after a day in which I spent three hours waiting in 100 degree heat for a tow truck *and* just returning from walking for 45 minutes in the same heat.

    I am, I am, I am Superman and I know what’s happening

    I am, I am, I am Superman and I can do anything

    /gratuitous REM lyric … from their most excellent period.

  2. #2 Daniel
    June 1, 2006

    Very cool – I saw this last night and decided to try it then, and again this morning before coffee, after one cup, and then after two.

    Last night’s couple attempts were both around 0.22s
    This morning:
    0cups – about 0.22s again
    1cup – about 0.205s
    1.5cups – 1.81 (Rocketing Rabbit!)
    and by 2cups I was getting inconsistent – averaging about 0.2s again, with wide variation between one sheep and the next, jumping the gun more often, etc., but getting as low as 0.13s for some individual sheep.

    Like I said, very cool. 😉

  3. #3 biosparite
    June 1, 2006

    Bobbing Bobcat here. I like cats better, anyway.

  4. #4 Alon Levy
    June 2, 2006

    I’ve only tried this with soda, but my best, after many tries, is 0.186 (usually I score in the 0.22-0.24 range).

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