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Red Uniforms

Uh-oh! Things are not looking good for Team USA in World Cup action: first, they aren’t wearing red uniforms. Second, the American team captain, Claudio Reyna, was carted away on a stretcher after losing the ball to a player on Ghana’s team — who immediately scored a goal. I am not sure if Reyna broke a leg or if he was suicidal, but either way, he’s under observation.

[A few minutes later]

Okay, my peeps, Team USA is still not looking good. They are playing as if the entire team is suffering from a hangover. Considering this is a “do or die” game, you’d think Team USA would be hothothot. But even the fans have more energy than the team does. Maybe someone should poke an elbow into another American eyeball; maybe that would fire up the team?

[And yet few minutes later than that]

Okay, Dempsey just scored a goal for the USA, so now the game is tied AND yes, the USA is suddenly wide awake. The coffee must have kicked in.


BUT, at the half; Ghana is ahead, 2-1. Yes, Team USA gave Team Ghana a free kick, which, statistically speaking, is more likely than not to end up in another goal.



  1. #1 Darkling
    June 22, 2006

    I think I’d be worried about wearing a red shirt myself

  2. #2 Dendroica
    June 22, 2006

    So much for that World Cup.

  3. #3 Caio de Gaia
    June 22, 2006

    The scifi-nerd remark from Darkling is likely adequate, red shirts are not that great in the Football (the ‘S’ word is used in a single country) World Cup. World champions tend to play in Yellow, Blue or White. That “soccer research” thing sounds bogus to me.

    By the way I was supporting the USA because this result is particularly annoying: in all the world cups I remember watching the only team the USA managed to beat was Portugal.

  4. #4 GrrlScientist
    June 22, 2006

    it’s a good thing that i love soccer (the real football); otherwise, i’d be disappointed. but seriously; i love a beautifully played game more than i love who won the game. winning is secondary to the symmentry of the play.

    i guess i am a rotten football fan because i am not ready to riot for “my team”, eh?

    i would like to have my own TV, though, which is close to a riot, for me.

  5. #5 tom
    June 22, 2006

    Nevermind, I’m sure an american team will win the world series again. It’s all about picking the right sports, ie. ones that no-one else plays.

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