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I didn’t get to see the last match in the World Cup. Needless to say, I was disappointed. But a friend emailed this really cute picture, which I had to share with all of you (of course). I also wanted to include a link to an online game where you could make Zidane headbash Italian players to earn a score, but it appears that site has been temporarily shut down due to excessive web traffic. Bummer.



  1. #1 Caio de Gaia
    July 11, 2006

    I remember a game, when Zidane was in Juventus, where he broke the nose of a player from Hamburg with a headbash. There was blood everywhere. He got 14 red cards during his career, including another one during a world cup (“walking” over a player from Saudi Arabia in 1998). Clearly not a nice person.

  2. #2 Lillet
    July 11, 2006

    OMG! Hedwig, I’m crushed that you didn’t get to see that match! I was thinking of you that day and hoping you were having a good time. Damn!!



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