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Gift from a Reader

Recently, I received a gift from a long-time reader; the gift of a beautiful book that I’ve wanted for a long time, New York: An Illustrated History by Ric Burns and James Sanders.

This book is filled with breath-taking photographs and illustrations, and is completely absorbing. I have already spent hours looking at the pictures and reading about the wonders of 1920s Harlem, the building of the Brooklyn Bridge (which I wrote about), and about one of my favorite American artists, Georgia O’Keefe. I agree with one guest reviewer on Amazon, this book does focus on the tremendous disparities between rich and poor.

The book was gift-wrapped in ice-green paper with a matching satin ribbon and was accompanied by this note;

You really do not have much luck with your choices: first Brazil, then France. This will probably cheer you up. Best wishes from XXXXXXXX. Take care.

Many thanks to you, dear reader! I wish you were here so I could share this book with you because you would love it.