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Your Prehistoric CyberPet

How would you like to look after your very own Terence the Tyrannosaurus rex, Ollie the Ornithomimus or Sabrina the Smilodon populator?

These three creatures are all available as Prehistoric CyberPets for you to download and look after on your computer! If you have a PC, you can download a prehistoric CyberPet of your very own. Unfortunately, there aren’t any mac-compatible CyberPets, so I am just going to have to cry about this injustice.



  1. #1 coturnix
    July 23, 2006

    Shhhhhh…quiet! My Ollie is trying to sleep after I fed it so well!

  2. Thank you for the way-cool link,
    but don’t feel too bad about there not being any mac-compatible CyberPets.

    That Ollie just had an “accident” at the bottom of my screen!

    Naughty Ollie! Bad dino!! Shame!!! ON THE PRINTER PAPER, OLLIE, ON THE PRINTER PAPER!!!!!

  3. #3 Rhys Johnston
    November 19, 2008


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