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By the River

By the river Fnjoska, in Fnjoskardalur, Northern Iceland.

Throughout the years, I have read quite a bit about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but because I do not claim to be an expert on the situation, I rarely comment about it. Despite this, I have long been convinced that there is a much better way to deal with that tragic situation than what is being…

Can you recognize the voices in this video?

We Feel Fine

“Why do I feel most alive when I am working myself to death?” “I feel like I am missing some pieces of the puzzle.” “I don’t even feel 39.”

Okay, I have one comment about this streaming video, but I will resist the urge to say anything until after you’ve watched it first (below the fold).

Your Prehistoric CyberPet

Image source. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists revealed that they were pressured to exclude or alter research findings. Further, they said they fear retaliation for voicing safety concerns and they think that public health and safety will suffer without leadership from the FDA and Congress. (Press release below the fold)

Net Neutrality

This streaming video contains lots of interesting comments about the internet and how it functions according to our some of our most enlightened congresscritters. With giant intellects such as these serving the public, it’s a wonder that anyone ever decides to run for public office, huh? (below the fold).