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Blog Carnivals Available

I and the Bird, issue 28, is now available. This issue contains essays and photoessays that cover all sorts of topics from bird conservation to species identification. The 39th issue of the Skeptics Circle is also available. This blog carnival is written to resemble an episode of Scooby-Doo, complete with images. . tags: blog carnivals

Gift from a Reader

Recently, I received a gift from a long-time reader; the gift of a beautiful book that I’ve wanted for a long time, New York: An Illustrated History by Ric Burns and James Sanders.

Birds of Washington State

A bookseller in Seattle who was a friend of mine often told me that his customers really wanted a durable and reasonably-priced field guide that focused on Washington State birds and was targeted specifically to beginning, visiting and relocating birders. Finally, after years of breathless waiting, that book, Birds of Washington State, by Brian Bell…

Blog Carnival Available

The Tangled Bank, issue 58, is now available. Tangled Bank is an established blog carnival that links to the best science, nature and medical essays published recently on a blog. . tags: blog carnival

… fighting with himself over a bone (below the fold).

Have I Returned?

New York Movie by Edward Hopper, 1939. Oil on canvas (The Museum of Modern Art, New York City).

Open Access Zoology Journal

There’s some interesting articles in the first issue of the new journal, Integrative Zoology, which is freely available online. You can also register with Blackwell Synergy to receive free email alerts for new content published in a large variety of research topics ranging from medicine to the humanities. . tags: Zoology, research, open access

Soccer (Futebol) Chick

Dontcha love photoshop? (more below the fold)

Summer Fun

Caught on video; even lifeguards need to take a break now and again.