Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)


A friend sent this “thought for the day” that I’d want to share with all of you;

Friends are like butt cheeks.
Shit might separate them
But they always come back together again.

A lot of peeps are helping me out, especially during my hospitalization, so I just want to take this opportunity to let all my butt cheeks out there know how much I appreciate you and everything that you are doing for me.

Muchas smoochas,

your other butt cheek


  1. #1 tabor
    August 29, 2006

    I have been traveling and did not know you had a health issue. Send me an email or something and let me know what is going on!!

  2. #2 Dendroica
    August 29, 2006

    I hope you are on the road to recovery.

  3. #3 Alon Levy
    August 29, 2006

    Wow, I didn’t know about your health issue, either. You mentioned something about a problem, but I didn’t know it was medical – I thought it was just financial.

    Like Dendroica, I hope you’re recovering well.

  4. #4 Peter
    August 30, 2006

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    I assumed you were busy with the start of the school year.

  5. #5 Caio de Gaia
    August 30, 2006

    I don’t know if this is a good move. I used to think of you when I saw peeps. Now, this is just too weird…

    The important thing is that you get better, even if it means being called a butt cheek.

  6. #6 Diane
    September 2, 2006

    I too thought that you were just buried up to your neck in academic duties. Get well soon.

  7. #7 Kredit
    January 25, 2008

    I assumed you were busy with the start of the school year.
    Thanks Friends

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