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SchoolHouse Rock: Noun

Well every person you can know
The Beatles and the Monkees, Chubby Checker
And every place that you can go
Like a neighborhood or a store
And anything that you can show
Like a dime or a record machine
You know they’re nouns.

A noun’s a special kind of word
It’s any name you ever heard
I find it quite interesting
A noun’s a person, place or thing.
A noun is a person, place or thing.



  1. #1 Paco
    September 24, 2006

    I love this one, too — love most all of them! Some friends of mine in an a capella group, the Lager Rhythms, did a medley of some of their favorites. It’s not easy to get the album, but apparently possible through their web site (the album with Schoolhouse Rock is Strange Charm).

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