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SchoolHouse Rock: Gravity

This streaming video is clumsily made, but at least the visual quality is good.

I’m a victim of gravity.
Everything keeps fallin’ down on me.
No matter where I go
That forces that I know,
Just a pullin’ me down, down, down, down, down.
It’s all around town now,
It’s like a magnet deep inside the ground.
When I lift something up,
I can feel it pulling down.

It pulls me in the pool,
It pulls rain down on me.
I’m a victim of
Down, down, down, down, gravity, yeah.



  1. #1 Babe in the Universe
    September 23, 2006

    It is neat that people have compiled all the “Schoolhouse Rock” songs into books and video, adults will remember them and children can learn.

    Nigel Cook’s Gravity has comments on gravity that are very nice to us women scientists.

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