Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)


A frog on a temperate rainforest floor in the Pacific NorthWest.
Here’s one of my first photos taken with my Pentax K100D, significantly
compressed for blog purposes.

Image: David Warman.

How many different species of flora and fauna can you identify in this picture, amigos bonitos?

I am receiving so many gorgeous pictures from you, dear readers, that I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the images and the creatures and places in them. If you have a high-resolution digitized nature image (I prefer JPG format) that you’d like to share with your fellow readers, feel free to email it to me, along with information about the image and how you’d like it to be credited.



  1. #1 Vasha
    November 29, 2006

    Well, let me give it a try —

    Animals: One frog; one indistinct thing that might be a small snail
    Fungi: Fruiting body of one fungus; licheny-looking blotch on wood; spots on fallen leaves
    Plants: Wood and twigs of unknown tree; fallen leaves of (probably) 3 kinds of deciduous trees; needles of conifer; fern; moss on wood

    Fun! Better than newspaper puzzle pages. But I bet someone can do better than me.

  2. #2 Dano
    November 30, 2006

    Bigleaf maple, sword fern, Pacific tree frog, red alder [log and leaf]. I think I see western red-cedar needles in the background and the other needles are fuzzy enough to look like Douglas-fir, but their variability in length could be western hemlock and Doug. Too hard to ID the lichens or that rust fungus & the interesting fruiting bodies coming up behind that gilled mushroom (is that an older blewit??).




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