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Blue-Spotted Salamander

Blue-spotted Salamander Ambystoma laterale Photographed on the same day as the one shown previously. Image:

The Top 100 Greenies

A view of the Earth from the space shuttle Endeavour shows sunshine reflected off an ocean. Rising global temperatures are increasingly melting icecaps, causing storm havoc and flooding large areas. Image: Corbis. The Guardian has listed the top 100 people of all time who have done the most to save the planet.

This afternoon on MSNBC news, Congressional Quarterly political analyst Craig Crawford speculated that Dick Cheney may be the next to leave the administration as “neocons are heading for the hills” like rats abandoning a sinking ship. Crawford claimed the Vice President’s “authority is waning, if not gone.” Crawford then went on to ask; “And my…


A friend and fellow inmate here at the nuthouse learned that I am in search of special words, so she donated this special word for me from her readings. Even though she could not find the precise sentence it came from, the word was so spectacular that I have to share it with you despite…

Orphaned image. Please contact me for proper attribution. . tags: escher, politics, humor, sarcasm, satire, administration

Interview posted

Wow, you guys, there is an interview with me posted on Seed Magazine‘s main blog that you have to check out! Additionally, there is a surprise with that interview — something that nearly none of you readers are aware of.

. Money isn’t made out of paper, it’s made out of cotton. . . How to make your own money shirt. tags: paper money, weird facts

False Crocus Geometer

False Crocus Geometer Moth, Xanthotype urticaria. Photographed at my farm in eastern Ontario Image:

U.S. Marine Lt. Jeffrey Goodman and Lcpl. Jorge Sanchez drag a wounded civilian away from his burning vehicle after he was caught in the middle of an ambush in Al Aziziyah. Image: source. This morning on NBC’s Today Show, Matt Lauer started his coverage with “Good Morning. Civil War. A bloody morning of sectarian clashes…


This cute word was used in The Republican War on Science, by my friend and fellow SciBling, Chris Mooney. This book was recently released in the more affordable trade paperback. If you haven’t read this book yet, now is the time (I’ve read it once already in hard-cover, but never reviewed it, so I am…