Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

So I’ve mentioned this before, but SICB is almost upon us. I am boarding my plane tomorrow at 630 in the morning (to avoid the NYC morning gridlock) to attend SICB. I should arrive in Phoenix before noon. There will be several get-togethers with our readers that you are invited to attend;

  • Friday January 5th at 6:00pm: A casual get-together at Seamus McCaffrey’s Irish Pub, which is close to the Hyatt hotel, where we will be staying. This is open to the public.
  • Saturday January 6th at 5:30-800pm: Phoenix-area skeptic Jim Lippard has kindly offered to throw his house open to rabble like us. Click here for details. You’ll need to contact Jim to RSVP and to get directions.
  • I am very nervous; this is a big deal for someone who has been out of the hospital for only three weeks!


    1. #1 Jeff Knapp
      January 2, 2007

      You’ll do fine. You are getting back into your element as it were. You will be with other intellectuals of your caliber and in your general field of interest. I predict you will find it invigorating and enjoyable. Who knows, you might even make some good connections there to get you back to being a working scientist.

      Good luck and have fun.

    2. #2 bev
      January 2, 2007

      I agree entirely with Jeff. You’ll be fine — better than fine.
      Have a great time. We look forward to hearing all about it.

    3. #3 JPS
      January 2, 2007

      Its great that you are getting out and doing something important! After I was diagnosed with BP it took me alot longer to get back into normal daily life. I wish I would have gotten out and started doing things sooner.

      Try not to be too nervous. A little nervous is OK ;). It makes you aware that things are different for you. With knowledge comes power and the hope for positive change!

    4. #4 Diane in Ohio
      January 2, 2007

      Hedwig,get the “heck out of dodge” and open dem doors – build sum bridges & “knock their socks off”! Fun in the sun…gotta like that! keep us posted if you can,”inquiring minds want to know”. :o)

    5. #5 Kate, the Library Diva
      January 3, 2007

      I hope you’re too busy kicking ass at SICB to read this comment.

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