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A Gift From All my Readers

Some of you, my readers, have sent money to me via Paypal or Amazon. I just wanted to tell you that even though most of these funds have been dedicated to keeping my birds and me housed and fed and me medicated, I did spend a little of it on a gift that I know all of you would want to have given me; a year’s subscription to NewScientist and ScienceNews magazines.

When I was gainfully employed, I had subscriptions to both of these magazines and not a week has gone by that I haven’t missed reading them since my subscriptions ran out a couple years ago. But thanks to you, my first issue of NewScientist arrived today and I am excited to read it on the subway, or while I wait for the pharmacist to refill my prescriptions, or one of a hundred other annoying things I have to wait in line for. So, many thanks to all of you for such a great, fabulous, wonderful gift that will last me for a whole year! And it arrived on my birdthday week, too.


  1. #1 The Ridger
    January 29, 2007

    I hope you enjoy them! Food for the mind is as important (almost) as food for the body or the birds.

  2. #2 arby
    January 29, 2007

    Congratulations on the magazines, and happy birthday. I’ve only just started reading your blog, via scienceblogs and google reader, and I find I click on yours more often than the rest. I almost wish I had known of your need for Science News and New Scientist, I already give them to friends and family, including a grrlStudent at MIT. On the other hand, they are expensive, especially NS, so it didn’t cost me anything. Still, it makes me happy to know you get them now, and the generosity of your readers is impressive. Best wishes, happy reading, rb Oh, speaking of birds, I (central Kentucky) saw a mob of Sandhill cranes go over today, heading south. In January! I’ve never seen that before, very odd.

  3. #3 biosparite
    January 30, 2007

    I had not seen NEW SCIENTIST for years, and then I passed through Charlotte, NC airport in 2002 and found a copy at a newsstand there (Charlotte is a cool airport, by the way, and has rocking chairs all over the main concourse), so I subscribed and have been a faithful reader ever since.

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