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Multiplication Using Lines

Do you have troubles with multiplication? Below the video is a demonstration of an easy way to multiply large numbers together. How long has this method been known? Why were we never taught this when we were kids?

A Gift From All my Readers

Some of you, my readers, have sent money to me via Paypal or Amazon. I just wanted to tell you that even though most of these funds have been dedicated to keeping my birds and me housed and fed and me medicated, I did spend a little of it on a gift that I know…

Moon Over Pueblo

Moon over Chimney Rock Pueblo, Colorado. The photographer was fortunate to visit on Jan 2, 2007, the date of the full moon rising between the spires of Chimney Rock and Companion Rock, an event associated with the major lunar standstill and the winter solstice. This occurs only every 18.6 years, but it is likely that…

Goodbye Barbaro

tags: Barbaro, horse racing, thoroughbreds, horses, leg injuries Goodbye Barbaro, thanks for the memories. Image source. Tragic news, everyone: The gallant racehorse, Barbaro, was euthanized today.

Birds in the News 68 (v2n19)

Wood Duck drake, Aix sponsa. Image appears here with the kind permission of the photographer, Arthur Morris, Birds as Art.

C’mon Baby, Light my Fire

tags: spiders, jumping spiders, arachnids, vision research Female ornate jumping spider, Cosmophasis umbratica. Some of you know that I am afraid of spiders, but in spite of this phobia, I am nonetheless fascinated by jumping spiders because they have interesting behaviors and a superb visual system. In addition to having excellent vision, it turns out…

Below the fold is a video of cellular vesicles “walking” along microtubules inside a cell. I thought that the assembly of the microtubules was especially interesting to watch, particularly since my students often could not understand the dynamics of this process.

Amazing AJ

Birdbrained? Who says? Many people either think all birds are stupid or that they carry bird flu. However, a 17 year-old Indian Ring-necked parrot, Psittacula krameri, is showing people how clever birds are. This bird, named AJ, visited Martha Stewart on her program to show her a few tricks, such as playing golf and basketball.…

Blue Stingers Invade Australia

Bluebottle jellyfish, Physalia utriculus Also known as the Portuguese Man O’ War. It is not a true jellyfish.


A flower — can anyone identify the species? (I have a guess as to its identity but I might be wrong). Image: David Harmon. As long as you send images to me (and I hope it will be for forever), I shall continue to share them with my readership. My purpose for posting these images…