Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

These are the birthday wishes for PZ, indexed in the order I received them;

Dan Rhoades made a cephalopod cartoon

GrrlScientist sends a scientific paper

Sean Carrol read PZ’s horrorscope

John Wilkins published a song

Richard Dawkins wrote a poem

Afarensis with the state invertebrate of Missouri

Bora made a cephalopod collage last year

Martin Rundkvist presents an ancient molluscan warlord

Arunn Narasimhan makes you search for the message written in invisible ink

Sandra Porter asks why this fish looks surprised

John Lynch posted a tentacular birthday wish

Jim Anderson wrote a villanelle for PZ Myers

Skeptico mentions the plumbing parable that originally appeared on Pharyngula

MC provides a suggestion for how PZ should grow his beard

Jennifer Forman Orth writes about the giant squid recently found in the Antarctic ocean

Carl Feagans sends a cartoon

Anna Tambour sends a card

Toast sends birthday wishes

Phil Plait sends a Skephalopod

Joseph sends a fossil squid

Steinn Sigurðsson sends a numerical poem

Larry Moran writes about when he first met PZ

Omni Brainiacs sends a poem

Leo Lincourt and co-authors send a poem and good wishes

Tom Foss sends a limerick

Jason sends The Myers Semicentennial

Jennifer sends a Squid Seller’s Call recipe

Lee also sends a poem that rhymes with blastula

Zeno sends a limerick, The old man and the squid

Kristjan sends a tribute

John Wills Lloyd has almost the same birthday

Reed sends a Friday Cat Blog

Rebecca writes a limerick

Colorado Bob sends a link to a live video

Ricardo Azevedo sends a reminiscence

Two Percent Company sends Of Mollusks And Men…

GrrlScientist sends a beer

Akusai sends a birthday wish

Jim Anderson sends his best wishes

Geoff tells us how to pronounce paryngula

Saboma engages in some word play

Alun sends a recipe

ZC also sends his thoughts to PZ

Katherine sends a clash of the titans

Gadfly sends a birthday poem

Alvaro Fernandez sends birthday wishes

Greg Laden also sent a limerick

Heather and Jeremy send an artistic greeting

Brent sends another limerick

Karmen sends a card

Steve sends a slug

BigDumbChimp sends a thought

PLittle sends a clerihew

Steve Reuland wrote a limerick

Dave sends a poem

Rob Knop sends a multi-versed limerick

Shelley sends fried calamari

Orac sends an enema

James sends some thoughts

Ron wrote a pseudo-haiku

Mike Dunford sends a few thoughts

Joe G sends a poem

John Pieret sends a short poem

Alex Palazzo sends a map of PZ’s campus

Pamela Martin sends birthday wishes

Karen sends birthday wishes

Karl sends a scientific paper

Jessica sends a picture

Javier Pazos climbed out of his sickbed to send an animated card to PZ

Thanks everyone for sending links in to this blog festival!


  1. #1 Jennifer Ouellette
    March 9, 2007

    I paid tribute to PZ at the tail end of my latest post: a recipe for stir-fried squid and a Japanese haiku. :)

  2. #2 Rebecca
    March 9, 2007

    And a limerick from me!

  3. #3 GrrlScientist
    March 9, 2007

    thanks to both of you! you’re both on the list!

  4. #4 Tom Foss
    March 9, 2007

    Apparently I’m not the only one doing limericks around here. I guess Skepchick beat me to it, but here’s mine.

  5. Just a note, Grrl…the Two Percent Company’s birthday greeting was a team effort, as are all of our Rants — not just by Tom.

    But anyway, thanks for the collection! Now I’ve got some reading and PZ ‘shipping to do (but I promise I won’t write PZ/cephalopod slash).

  6. #6 Brent Rasmussen
    March 9, 2007

    And yet another limerick from me!

    Heh. At least us un-poetic-types can write limericks and pretend that we’re poets!

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