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White-throated Sparrow

White-throated sparrow, Zonotrichia albicollis, white morph.

The photographer writes; I like little brown birds. Seemingly frail, they shrug off drought and blizzard and remain resolute to greet the spring with their songs. While others flash extravagant colors and plumes, the LBBs simply endure. Here is the picture of a white-throated sparrow from my back yard in Eastern North Dakota.

This lovely fellow is a close relative of my dissertation research bird, the white-crowned sparrow, Zonotrichia leucophrys.

Photographer: Justawriter.

As long as you send images to me (and I hope it will be for forever), I shall continue to share them with my readership. My purpose for posting these images is to remind all of us of the grandeur of the natural world and that there is a world out there that is populated by millions of unique species. We are a part of this world whether we like it or not: we have a choice to either preserve these species or to destroy them in search of short-term monetary gains. But if we decide to destroy these other life forms, the least we can do is to know what we are destroying by learning that they exist. If you have a high-resolution digitized nature image (I prefer JPG format) that you’d like to share with your fellow readers, feel free to email it to me, along with information about the image and how you’d like it to be credited.



  1. #1 Mary
    March 24, 2007

    A colleague of mine posts high quality nature photographs almost every day on He does a lot of bird photos as well – some very fine.

  2. #2 David Harmon
    March 26, 2007

    This little guy seems to have a bit of color of his own!

    I like little brown birds.

    Indeed — though if you look at them closely, few are merely “brown” — The speckles of a starling or the stripes and houndstooth patterns on a sparrow have their beauty. (Likewise, “grey squirrels” usually aren’t just gray — look for the reddish shadings, among other things.)

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