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Female Sex Drive Booster

It’s not viagra, which doesn’t work for females, but like viagra for men, it promises to increase a woman’s low sex drive nonetheless. Intrinsa is a clear patch that delivers a low dose of testosterone and is worn on the woman’s abdomen. Intrinsa, manufactured by Procter and Gamble, will only be available to women who have had their ovaries removed as part of a hysterectomy due to conditions such as heavy bleeding or pelvic pain.

Trials involving more than 500 women who had had hysterectomies found the patch led to a 74% increase in satisfying sex.

“There are a variety reasons for low sex drive, such as psychological reasons and the environment the person is in, for example if there are children around,” said Dr Jim Kennedy, prescribing spokesman for the Royal College of GPs, UK. “Doctors will be looking to address all these reasons, they will not just resort to a single medical treatment.”

Intrinsa will be available from the beginning of April this year in the UK.

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  1. #1 lscinslc
    March 27, 2007

    Why are male perscription sex enhancing drugs available to any man who wants them, but Intrinsa will only be made available to women who have had their ovaries removed?

  2. #2 llewelly
    March 27, 2007

    Isn’t this the same treatment that was found to greatly increase BO & body hair growth? (Note – that doesn’t mean it’s bad – all things are a trade off, and hair is not as widely disliked as people imagine).

  3. #3 Joshua
    March 28, 2007

    llewelly: Considering that testosterone is responsible for growth of body hair in general, then almost certainly this treatment will result in more body hair.

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