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Buh Bye Liberty

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Wow, things are just getting more unbelievable all the time. Now, I find out that the Department of Justice threatened the eight sacked US Attorneys with “retaliation”;

Now Alberto Gonzales, AKA “Gonzo”, is blaming the attorneys themselves in an effort to extricate himself from a mess of his own making;

Buh Bye, Bertie!

This just out: Alberto Gonzales has finally been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I wonder how long it will take before he does the honorable thing and resigns?

Physicians from around the world urged Elsevier Group PLC., the publisher of The Lancet medical journal and other scientific and medical journals, to cut its links to weapons sales, calling on the editors to find another publisher if Reed Elsevier refused to stop hosting arms fairs.

Chipping Sparrow

Chipping sparrow, Spizella passerina The photographer writes; I like little brown birds. Seemingly frail, they shrug off drought and blizzard and remain resolute to greet the spring with their songs. While others flash extravagant colors and plumes, the LBBs simply endure. Here is the picture of a chipping sparrow from my back yard in Eastern…

Bush’s head may be hard, but his brains are complete mush. . tags: Bush, politics, humor

A fossil hunter recently discovered the biggest whale fossil ever found in Italy. It was found in the vineyards of Castello Banfi, one of the country’s finest vineyards located in the northern grape-growing area of Tuscany. The five million-year-old fossil skeleton is 10 meters (33 feet) in length and appears to be complete.

Tall, handsome and charming, Richard Meinertzhagen is sometimes known as the English spy who didn’t kill Hitler when he met him while carrying a loaded gun in his pocket. Three biographies have been written about Meinertzhagen, who was reputed to be a British war hero, spy, and famous ornithologist (hence my interest), and he is…

The Cult of Bush

I dunno about you, but this streaming video is just a wee bit scary to me. By the way, can anyone understand what the older woman was saying and what language it is?