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Corroboree Frogs

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Baby Corroboree Frogs walk across the gloved palm of reptile keeper Stuart Kozlowski at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. Around 130 of the endangered frogs are housed in a purpose built quarantine facility at the zoo to keep a safe population for genetic diversity.

Image: Ian Waldie/Getty Images.


  1. #1 Diane in Ohio
    May 30, 2007

    What adorable lil’babies! Such an interesting pattern they have,all abit different yet alike. Is there a link to the picture? Is this species effected by that fungus? Thanks for posting!

  2. #2 "GrrlScientist"
    May 30, 2007

    yes, indeed these little frogs are affected by whatever it is that is killing amphibians worldwide (just a fungus? or a fungus plus a microbe? scientists are still trying to suss this out)

    and no, there’s no link to the pic (so far).

  3. #3 Ed Yong
    May 30, 2007

    GrrlScientist – it’s not just the fungus either. Amphibians are also rapidly disappearing in parts of the world too hot for the fungus. Some scientists think it’s because climate change is leading a loss of leaf litter in some tropical forests. I’ve blogged about this here

  4. #4 "GrrlScientist"
    May 30, 2007

    like you, ed, i also wrote about this same phenomenon here although i was unable to convince PNAS to send me the paper itself — buncha dorks!!

  5. #5 Ed Yong
    May 31, 2007

    I can get you PNAS PDFs if you want. My office has site access.

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