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Are You an Atheist?

You Are An Atheist

God? No thanks. You’re not buying into any religion.
They’re all bunk to you. You rather focus on what you know is true.
You may be a passive non-believer or a rabid atheist activist.
But one thing is for sure… no one’s going to make you go to church!

What did you think of this quiz? I thought it did a reasonably decent job covering the issues — for an online quiz, that is.


  1. #1 biby
    July 28, 2007


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  2. #2 IanR
    July 28, 2007

    I consider myself Christian, I am a regular church goer and am active in my church. But it called me an agnostic regardless of how I went on some of the questions where I wasn’t quite sure how to answer.

    It doesn’t catch the subtlety of liberal religion. It takes the fundie position was “belief” as if it were the only option on belief.

  3. #3 Gerry L
    July 28, 2007

    The choices to one question seemed too limited: You think religion is a) confusing b) helpful c) harmful.

    Didn’t know what to answer so I chose “helpful” since it does seem to help a lot of people cope with things they don’t understand. But you could also say it is “harmful” because it also prevents people from trying to understand some ideas. It’s all so “confusing.”

  4. #4 RinzeWind
    July 28, 2007

    It came out as an “atheist” for me. But, again, it is a very short, straightforward test.

  5. #5 Larry
    July 28, 2007

    It told me what I already know-I’m an agnostic.

  6. #6 Library Diva
    July 29, 2007

    It said I was an agnostic, which I guess about covers it. I don’t believe in organized religion, or even in talking about religion. I think your relationship with God, whatever it is, should be between you and the Supreme Being. And that signs that say things like “Pray for our troops” are as offensive as a sign that says “Have sex with your husband tonight!” I think religion and faith are things you’re supposed to live, not shoot off your mouth about. And that if you REALLY want to serve God, you’ll work to protect God’s creation and your fellow beings.

    I guess that makes me an agnostic. Fine with me. I *am* a fundamentalist when it comes to being environmentally responsible, though. So don’t throw out recyclables around me, or I’ll make you wish you’d chosen to go talk about threesomes with your Baptist great-aunt instead.

  7. #7 llewelly
    July 29, 2007

    Try this: Answer yes to the first question (remember, this is just an experiment), then answer ‘No’ or “nothing’ to all other questions.

    This quiz thinks someone who believes in God, but not miracles, afterlife, the devil, etc, is an atheist. That’s imprecise, at best.

  8. #8 Chris' Wills
    July 30, 2007

    Agnostic :o)

    No suprise there.

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