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Corn Fed Parrot

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Below the fold is a sweet video of Bibi, a one year old African Grey Parrot, as she eats corn on the cob. This bird loves corn, absolutely loves it! [3:18]

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  1. #1 Kelly
    August 27, 2007

    Thanks for posting this video of Bibi! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. At the present time, we have about 15 other videos posted that you might enjoy. Also, you can read more about Bibi here:

  2. #2 Geek Sisters
    September 10, 2007


    Your video was selected for the Funny Videos Carnival.

    The current edition is up here.

    Thanks for you contribution! Don’t forget to link, spread, post, comment about this edition. Thanks again!

    Geek Sisters

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