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Carnival of Cities Now Available

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The new edition of the Carnival of Cities is now available for you to read. This is a really interesting blog carnival where people write stories about the city they live in (where ever in the world that city might be), and it also includes essays about citylife in general. The editor for this issue was kind enough to include one of my essays — I thought it was stretching the boundaries of what his carnival is about, but he was fine with it — so be sure to go there and take a look at what he’s put together for you to read.


  1. #1 Kilroy_60
    October 16, 2007

    Stretching the envelope, until it bursts at the seams, is what it’s all about!! 😎

    I was pleased that you submitted your essay and thought that it added a lot to the carnival. Thanks for that and the plug. You’re a champ!!

    There’s another Carnival of Cities next week that my associate is hosting. I’d like to encourage you and your readers to take part. They can sign up when they visit my carnival.

    Keep up the great work.


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