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This video is a follow-up of the story I linked to earlier from Birds in the News 102 where Gloucester UK residents, Taffy and Jean Howells’ African grey parrot, Severiano Ballesteros, is a big rugby fan [1:19]

AN avid rugby lover’s pet parrot has taken to speaking the lingo of the fans who stand in the legendary ‘shed’ week after week.

Taffy Howells’ African grey parrot has picked up the legendary cry of “Glawster, Glawster” which reverberates up and down Gloucester Rugby’s famous stand at Kingsholm.

And the parrot, named Severiano Ballesteros, after the Spanish golfing great by his previous owners, can mimic one or two choice expressions which tend to be directed at the opposition or the referee during the heat of battle.
He talks, he swears, and he says Glaawwsstterrrr,” said Taffy, 59, of Linden Road, Gloucester.

“He’s not the prettiest bird,” said Taffy, who is married to Jean.

“He knows some swear words, he can say ‘do you want a cuddle’, ‘have a nice day’, ‘who wants a bottle of beer?’ and then he will bite if you put your finger in the cage.

?But he’s a Shedhead.”

It is perhaps not surprising the three-year-old parrot has picked up sayings of the Shed as Taffy played in the centre for Matson RFC.

He also serves as a vice-president and follows the Cherry and Whites’ fortunes.


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    October 30, 2007

    Unfortunately, my Flash player seems to be too old to play that video (which may also be the reason I haven’t had any problems with the recent malware (infected) Flash/ad here on SciBlogs). Anyways, whilst half-heartedly searching for another copy of that video (since I don’t really want to download a modern Flash player since I hate Flash), I found a different but still very amusing Rugby-loving-Parrot video:

    Tui the parrot attempts to deal with the All Blacks losing to France and ending New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup efforts

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