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Ronaldinho In The Office

tags: hacky sac, futbol, soccer, streaming video Do you ever wonder why your phone call goes unanswered when you call a business during business hours? Well, this video shows you why. [0:48]

Melanchroia chepise

tags: moth, Melanchroia chepise, white-tipped black geometrid, Image of the Day This diurnal Melanchroia chepise posed prettily this morning (10/21/07) on the wall of my apartment breezeway in the Heights section of Houston, Texas. Image: Biosparite [larger view]

Skinny Pig

tags: skinny pigs, guinea pigs, pets, Image of the Day Image: The Sun. [nearly life-sized]

How’s Your Vocabulary?

tags: vocabulary, online quiz Your Vocabulary Score: A+ Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary! You must be quite an erudite person. How’s Your Vocabulary? How about you? By the way, I actually have linked to an even better vocabulary game that will appear Sunday. The upcoming game will ask you to define vocabulary words and, if…

tags: hawk-headed parrot, red-fan parrot, Deroptyus accipitrinus, streaming video As some of you know, I will soon be adding a four-month-old young parrot to my household. For those of you who have not heard of a hawk-headed (red-fan) parrot, Deroptyus a. accipitrinus, or who are not familiar with them, here is a video of a…

NYC Grrl Invades Texas

Can you find the bar-tailed godwits here among the avocet and marbled godwits? Image: Mary Scott, Birding America. Thanks to a reader who would rather remain anonymous, I am going to go to Texas tomorrow and will return to all of you on Tuesday. I have scheduled a few things to publish on this blog…

I’m In The Minority ..

Are we becoming a nation of pajama-wearing web-surfing loners? (Orphaned image). Zogby International and 463 Communications recently polled 9,743 Americans online regarding their attitude towards the internet.

Just a Wee Bit O’ Braggin’

Hey, look at this. Does it look familiar to you? Well, considering that I think my blog doesn’t get enough traffic, I was both pleased and surprised when I noticed that various stories on it occupied four of the five “most emailed” slots on scienceblogs last night. Not bad, eh?

Mystery Butterfly

tags: mystery butterfly, Image of the Day Image: Karen Davis. [wallpaper size] I am almost certain that I know what this species is, but because you enjoy naming species, I thought I’d let you have some fun with this lovely image. What species is this? Location: College Park, Maryland, 16 October 2007 My guess is…

Restoring the Oceans

tags: oceans, marine reserves, fish, streaming video This video explores how the establishment of marine reserves can save our oceans from overexploitation from overfishing and other damages. Narrated by Mariella Frostrup. [12:53]