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Parrot News

tags: parrots, behavior My hawk-headed parrot is teething. Or, because she’s a parrot and thus, has no teeth, she is “beaking”. Except she typically proceeds quickly from “beaking” (testing substances with her beak) to puncturing or otherwise destroying various objects — “chomping”, if you will. So, for your amusement, I have compiled a list of…

Philosophia Naturalis Now Available

tags: philosophia naturalis, blog carnivals The 15th edition of Philosophia Naturalis, a blog carnival devoted primarily to physics, astronomy and the earth sciences, has just been published for you to enjoy. I am pleased to report that they included a piece that I wrote, so I am happy about that!

Great Blue Heron: Odd Behavior

tags: great blue heron, Ardea herodias, birds, Image of the Day Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodias, engaging in peculiar behavior at the Port Aransas Birding Center, Texas. Image: Scott Lewis [larger view]. Does anyone know the purpose for this behavior?

Red-Fan Parrot Struts His Stuff

tags: hawk-headed parrot, red-fan parrot, Deroptyus accipitrinus, clicker training, streaming video As some of you know, I recently added a four-month-old hawk-headed (red-fan) parrot, Deroptyus a. accipitrinus, to my household. I plan to learn how to clicker-train this bird (I already have the necessary tools and books). Below the fold is an example of another…

tags: cats, 1001 cats, blog carnivals The latest edition of the 1001 Cats blog carnival is now available for your reading pleasure. The editor included one of my submissions, so you’ve just gotta go there and see what it is!

Identifying Sex in a Parrot

tags: birds, bird sex chromosomes, ZZ, ZW, parrots, sex identification, molecular biology Evolution of Avian and Mammalian sex chromosomes. Image: E.R.S. Roldan and Montserrat Gomendio “The Y chromosome as a battle ground for sexual selection” Trends in Ecology & Evolution 1999, 14:58-62. You all are probably curious to know what is happening with my birds…

I and the Bird Now Available

tags: birds, birding, bird watching, blog carnival, I and the Bird The 63rd edition of I and the Bird blog carnival is now available for your reading pleasure. It’s a big one, as usual, which always pleases me — of all the things that a person can write about on their blog, birds and birdwatching…

Mission Impossible Squirrel

tags: squirrel, behavior, mission impossible, streaming video I thought I had linked to this video a few months ago, but apparently it disappeared during one of the typical burps that my wifi connection experiences (well, I deserve it since I am piggybacking on someone else’s connection, unless I have dragged myself in to the library).…

It has recently come to my attention, thanks to a friend and long-time reader, that according to a recent Harris poll, firefighters, scientists and teachers are considered to be the most prestigious professions by the public, while bankers, actors and real estate agents are perceived as the least prestigious professions.