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Happy Turkey Day!

tags: thanksgiving, holidaze Now that I finally have a wifi connection tonight (it disappeared yesterday afternoon, boohoo), I discovered that a reader sent this e-card to me, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. Image: orphaned.

Building Dinosaurs

tags: dinosaurs, movie magic, streaming video This interesting time-lapse streaming video shows how the movie industry built some amazingly realistic life-sized dinosaurs [shockwave: 3:50]

Roseate Skimmer

tags: dragonfly, Orthemis ferruginea, rosease skimmer, Image of the Day Male Roseate Skimmer, Orthemis ferruginea, November 2007. Image: Biosparite [larger view]

How to Make Your Own Blu-Ray Phaser!

tags: star trek, blu-ray phaser, streaming video Hack a Playstation 3 blu-ray laser and turn the Star Trek Phaser into a Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! First time in the world this has ever been done! Less than$100 [1:27].

Red-tailed Hawk

tags: Red-tailed Hawk, Buteo jamaicensis, birds, Image of the Day Red-tailed Hawk, Buteo jamaicensis. Image: Justawriter [larger view].

Mouse Party

tags: mouse party, drugs, drug mechanisms, illegal drugs, video game, educational tool Now that the school year has started again, I think it is worthwhile to repeat an earlier blog entry where I linked to a really interesting interactive game, called Mouse Party. This interactive game is a great educational tool, teaching you how various…

Swimming Cat

tags: cats, jenna, swimming cat, streaming video This streaming video shows a half-grown cat, named Jenna, playing with water — in a bathtub! [1:44]

Natural Sciences Carnival Available

The fourth edition of the new Natural Sciences Blog Carnival is now available for you to read and enjoy. They saw fit to include a few pieces that I wrote — considering that I have felt very discouraged and depressed this past month (terminal unemployment combined with lots of job rejections can do that to…

Swainson’s Hawk

tags: Swainson’s Hawk, Buteo swainsoni, birds, Image of the Day Swainson’s Hawk, Buteo swainsoni, in flight. Image: Justawriter [wallpaper size].

Birds in the News 106

tags: Birds in the News, BirdNews, ornithology, birds, avian, newsletter Black-necked weaver, Ploceus nigricollis. Image: Basia Kruszewska, author of India Ink. [Wallpaper size]