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The Aliens Have Arrived

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This is a wonderful streaming video that shows footage of a variety of new species of benthic sea life discovered by a new submersible with a camera — prepare to be amazed. Includes a nice soundtrack, too [4:52]


  1. #1 Evan Henke
    December 28, 2007

    This footage comes from a 2001 BBC documentary called ‘Blue Planet’ narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough. I highly reccomend it!

  2. #2 CRM-114
    December 28, 2007

    So now we have to revoke all the patents on fluorescent ink due to the discovery of ‘prior art’?

  3. #3 Chris' Wills
    December 28, 2007

    It is an amazing world.

    It seems that everywhere we look on earth life exists in forms most wonderous.

  4. #4 carolyn13
    December 28, 2007

    I think of myself as a pretty brave person. I’ve done some white water rafting, rock climbing and I’ve always been a strong swimmer who loves the ocean. The thought of deep sea diving scares the beejeebers out of me. That’s one spooky world down there below the waves.

  5. #5 Dave Briggs
    December 28, 2007

    Amazing footage! This is proof we don’t have to go to outer space to be amazed at the possible bio diversity in the universe!
    Dave Briggs :~)

  6. #6 Felicia Gilljam
    December 29, 2007

    Amazing video. But surely they’re not benthic? The sea floor appears to be nowhere in sight. At least the ctenophorans are definitely planktonic.

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