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Splitting with Harry Potter was more painful than getting divorced, a tearful JK Rowling says.

Image: DailyMail.

I thought I was the only one going through Harry Potter Separation Anxiety (HPSA, the newest disorder to be listed in the DSM), but JK Rowling apparently is, also.

“It has been the worst break-up of my life — far worse than splitting up with any man,” claimed Rowling, who divorced from her first husband, Jorge Arantes, a Portuguese TV journalist, in 1993, shortly after their daughter, Jessica, was born.

Despite her sadness over the end of the Harry Potter series, Rowling remains resolute about not writing another book that focuses on her hero.

“I think I’ve definitely finished his story. I said seven books and there have been seven,” she said.

Instead, she is writing another book, but will not elaborate further.

These comments were made when Rowling recently received a South Bank Show Award for outstanding achievement. The South Bank Show honors achievement in the arts.

Lord Attenborough, who presented the award to Rowling, joked with her, saying: “I think I must be the only English actor of my generation who has got absolutely bugger all out of this extraordinary series that has been read by millions and made into movies.”

“Surely there must have been something I could have played? Even just a few lines here and there? Don’t think I didn’t try!”

Of course, he could play the part of Albus Dumbledore (and he’d be better than Michaal Gambon, in my opinion).

But unfortunately, “Michael Gambon will shortly be having a hideous accident,” Rowling joked back at Attenborough.


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