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Carnival of Cities is Now Available

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Now that I have finished putting together the 69th edition of I and the Bird (*whew* that’s hard work!), I now am focusing my energies on another blog carnival that I am hosting next week: Carnival of Cities. This is a relatively new (to my readers) blog carnival, but that is alright because the 20 February edition was just published for you to read. So even though many of you are not familiar with this blog carnival, you now have the opportunity to read the most recent edition and get some ideas for your own blog entries that you can share with all of us next week, on Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted). The rules are that I can accept ONE contribution per blog, and it must be about ONE city, either a city you’ve visited, or lived in previously or currently live in. And of course, you must link back to the carnival itself after it’s published. You know, like I am now. Please help me out here, so I don’t look like a dork for volunteering to host this carnival, and ending up with no contributors!