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Tell Me About Your City

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I know you all are sitting around this evening bored, with nothing to do, so let me help you a little bit. I am hosting another blog carnival, the Carnival of Cities. This is a fun little blog carnival that is surprisingly popular. It focuses on any aspect of cities; where you currently live, where you once lived, where you visited. For example, have you ever visited or lived somewhere that you’ve absolutely enjoyed? What made that place so special to you? A special coffee shop, pub or restaurant? The city’s proximity to wild places, the beach or mountains? Lots of bike trails, parks or open space? A fabulous public library or public transit system? Or .. ?

I have been bugging everyone I know to contribute to this carnival, even my fellow Sciblings, and one has already sent me an essay (!!) while a few others have made non-committal grunts about possibly also sending me something. But YOU, my readers, also live in really great places (especially those of you who are in England and Finland and Norway and, well, all over the world .. you know who you are, or shall I name each one of you here?). I am really interested to read about your cities or towns or villages or backyards, so please, take an hour or so to write a little bit about your city, add a picture or two (if you have them), publish them on your blog and send me the link by Tuesday evening!


  1. #1 Bob O'H
    February 24, 2008

    Why do I get the feeling I’m being stared at?

  2. #2 Barn Owl
    February 24, 2008

    I spent a week in Stockholm, staying with a friend, a couple of years ago, and I fell head over heels in love with the place. I’ll try to write something up for your Cities carnival…it will have a birding connection too. 😉

  3. #3 heidi
    February 24, 2008

    Abilene, TX is lacking in all of the above… perhaps deserves a word of “don’t bother” unless you need BBQ, a wind farm or an abundance of Bible-thumpers.

  4. #4 biosparite
    February 25, 2008

    I don’t have a blog, but I would have to vote for Houston as one of the most open, friendly, and easy-to-get-around-in cities (yes, I know you will immediately raise the issue of Houston traffic, but it is nowhere near as intense as NYC traffic, and if one is clever by choosing to live and work inside the 610 Loop, the traffic is de minimis. Consider also that we have had butterflies, though reduced in number, all through the winter since our subtropical location and urban heat island have resulted in years with hardly any winter at all.

  5. #5 Barn Owl
    February 25, 2008

    I have a post on birdwatching during a visit to Stockholm, Sweden, that might fit for the Carnival of Cities:


    I hope that I have most of the Swedish bird names correct!

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