Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

Just a quick update. I am still dealing with the plumbing issues in my bathroom (still no water) and worse, the combination of mud and mold and mouse turds and cockroach dust have made my allergies and asthma flare up to the point where they are nearly impossible to deal with right now, even though I am taking every over-the-counter antihistamine that I can possibly get my hands on.

Not only that, but when I got home last night, I saw a mouse running around my apartment — I suspect it entered through the hole in my bathroom wall since I haven’t had any mice in months now.

Because the building super promised that I would have water by Monday afternoon, I reported the landlord to the city of New York for this little problem and the inspector showed up today — the city is more prompt than the building super, the plumber, and landlord are!

Because I have a very unstable wifi connection available to piggyback on (if I am lucky) while in my apartment, I was unable to spend any time on my blog, so my entire day was, once again, completely wasted.

Anyway, as things stand, it is Tuesday night and I still don’t have the use of my bathroom, and I have no idea if the mouse is still in my apartment. I am going to demand a rent reduction from the landlord because of this.


  1. #1 Annie
    February 26, 2008

    Take photos and write detailed notes about who you have been speaking with, when and the content of the conversation – especially noting exactly what repairs have been promised, reparations and deadlines promised.

    You might consider buying disposable face masks and use a spray mister filled with diluted bleach (usually 1/4 cup to a gallon) to spray down surfaces. THis should help with the dut, mold and it should also help your birds deal with the poor air quality.

    Chlorhexidine is used by veterinarians, but I don’t know if it’s used around songbirds (I used it with the poultry. If so, you can spray surfaces, clothing and upholstery with it – serves the same purpose.)

    A way to cheat and have “hot” baths is to moisten washclothes, roll them up, place them in a heavy plastic bag, and run the bag under hot water from the kitchen sink.
    Less mess, and usually more comfortable.

  2. #2 katchaya
    February 26, 2008

    I feel for you. This winter I have had a plague of both rats and flys. First I had rats entering my walls through the hole that brought the water hookup into the house. Some carefully placed poison took care of that, but then the rats died in the walls and my house stunk. Finally that is over!!!
    But now I have a leak in the roof over the bathroom that has caused a plague of flys to appear. Thank goodness for flypaper. Sadly I own the house so there is no landlord to complain too… but Annie is right. Document everything with pictures and a diary.
    Don’t despair spring is almost here.

  3. #3 Sheila Scarborough
    February 27, 2008

    I hope you feel better soon; whenever I want to complain about dull suburban living, I’ll remember this post about urban challenges! 🙂

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