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Friday Ark is now Available

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Yes, indeed, my friends, it is Friday once again, and as usual, my pal, The Modulator, has amassed a pile of links to ANIMAL IMAGES for you to enjoy in the 180th edition of the Friday Ark.

Did you know that this blog carnival began as a way to create a less contentious atomsphere on the internet, which had developed due to political sparring all week long, week after week? Anyway, in an effort to take a break from the fighting and to create a more congenial atmosphere, the political pundits began a campaign where they lowered their verbal armaments one day per week so they could engage each other in “Friday CatBlogging” and then it expanded to include other animals because, afterall, the political pundits didn’t want to be speciists. So the rest, my peeps, is .. ah .. the Friday Ark.