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AMNH Subway Art #69

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Since I am having trouble getting out to roam the city and take pictures, I thought I’d return us to the upstairs subway platform at AMNH for a couple days to look at a few pieces that I haven’t yet shared with you.

Solar system
as portrayed in tiles on the stairway leading down into the NYC subway stop (A-B-C)
at 81st and Central Park West. (ISO, no zoom, no flash).

Image: GrrlScientist 2008. [wallpaper size].

The lighting over this landing makes this mosaic difficult to photograph, unfortunately, since it is quite interesting to look at in real life.

Read more about the AMNH tile artworks and see the AMNH tile artworks photographic archives — with all the animals identified.


  1. #1 Another Kevin
    March 14, 2008


    This and the detail image that you’ve posted at Flickr are great photographs that just need a little bit of level equalization. I’m not sure what the original colors were, but I suspect that they were closer to what I’ve put up over at Flickr:

    If so, feel free to take the images back, and let me know when you’ve got them so that I can take them down. (I also left the Archaeopteryx images up there, since I never heard back from you on them.) I’m not trying to steal any of your credit, just trying to help you get the most out of your pictures.

  2. #2 anthea fleming
    March 15, 2008

    Many thanks for including the beautiful mosaics. as a fan of all animals and birds, animal art, and mosaic art in particular, I have enjoyed them very much indeed.
    I hope your broken arm is healing up.
    I share your enthusiasm for parrots, but living in Melbourne, Australia, I can see them without need for cages. The other day about 60 or 70 Rainbow Lorikeets were perched in a neighbour’s lemon gum tree, making a terrific racket. (She feeds them, having limited mobility these days). Suddenly they all took off at racing speed in a tight formation, joined by many others from bushier trees nearby. Of course a raptor appeared – a Collared Sparrowhawk dashed after stragglers, perched in a tree, waited a bit, made a few more attempts, and then zoomed off towards the nearby River Yarra.
    Best wishes, Anthea Fleming

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