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The Blue Bird

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April is National Poetry Month, and I plan to post one poem per day, every day this month (If you have a favorite poem that you’d like me to share, feel free to email it to me).

Male mountain bluebird, Sialia currucoides.

This bird surprised birders in Washington state by visiting Bainbridge Island this past weekend.

Image: Eva Gerdts, April 2008 [larger view].

Today’s poem was suggested by a reader who comments here as themadlolscientist. He writes; “That marvelous photo of the BLOOOOOOOObird reminded me of this [poem].”

[I of course, had to include the picture he was referring to with this entry for you to enjoy].

The Blue Bird

The lake lay blue below the hill,
O’er it, as I looked, there flew
Across the waters, cold and still,
A bird whose wings were palest blue.

The sky above was blue at last,
The sky beneath me blue in blue,
A moment, ere the bird had passed,
It caught his image as he flew.

— Mary Coleridge (1861-1907), The Collected Poems of Mary Coleridge (Hart-Davis; 1954).