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I have been informed that the previous link for one of the avian anatomy books has been deactivated. I am not surprised by this since my source warned me that this would likely happen. But there is still demand for this book, so I have downloaded it, along with the other one, to RapidShare, where you can get your free copies. I have updated the link on the previous blog entry, too.

The first book, The Anatomical Atlas of Gallus by Mikio Yasuda is the English edition of the Japanese book published by the University of Tokyo in 2002. This download was scanned from a library book and has been reduced to 80% of its full size so two scanned pages will appear per standard computer screen [228 scanned pages (446 pages total), 46 MB; Updated PDF link through RapidShare].

The second book, A Colour Atlas of Avian Anatomy by J. McLelland with a forward by Julian Baumel and published in English by Wolfe Publishing (Aylesbury, England) in 1990 [127 pages, 28 MB; Updated PDF link through RapidShare]. This download consists of PDF sections that can be read in their entirety only if you page through the book page-by-page using the toolbar.

The third book is Julian Baumel’s celebrated Handbook of Avian Anatomy: Nomina Anatomica Avium, 2nd Edition, published in 1993 by the Nuttal Ornithological Club. This book is the definitive avian anatomy book that scientific papers cite, compare and contrast their findings to, so even if you don’t use this as your primary anatomy book, you will need this to publish your findings, and to properly understand other scientists’ papers. [409 scanned pages (779 pages total), 49 MB; Updated PDF link through RapidShare].


  1. #1 Bob O'H
    May 22, 2008

    The Anatomical Atlas of Gallus

    It would sell a lot more copies if they just renamed it The KFC Food Identification Guide.

  2. #2 Ronan
    May 22, 2008

    That’s assuming some KFC food constituents are avian in origin.

    Thanks for the new links.

  3. #3 fata
    July 6, 2009


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