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Which Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince poster is your favorite? After you’ve seen them all (I’ve found ten so far), I am going to ask you to vote for your favorite!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince;

Poster 1 (also includes trailer number one and interview with the characters).

Poster 2.

Poster 3.

Poster 4.

Poster 5.

Poster 6.

Poster 7.

Poster 8.


  1. #1 Constance Reader
    August 1, 2008

    I think this is my favorite so far, it’s so evocative of the last two books, walking into the darkness and having to make your own light.

  2. #2 dayna
    August 3, 2008

    this poster is bit boring..
    bt carnt WAIT FOR THE FILM.. this ones my favvv booook x

  3. #3 harry
    August 7, 2008

    the bes

  4. #4 harry
    August 7, 2008


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