Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

Today is a very special day because I will be helping ScienceBlogs to celebrate our one millionth comment at a party they are hosting in Seattle! Yes, I am in beautiful Seattle at this moment, and I will be at the ScienceBlogs party, along with some of my Seattle pals, and also some of my birding pals, as well as the Seattle Skeptics and later (around 630pm), some people from the Pacific Science Center will also be there! As a token of our appreciation to our readers, Seed Media Group has given us a budget so we can pay for the food and for the first few rounds of drinks — regardless of what you will be drinking (we do not promote alcoholism, and are happy to buy you juice or coffee if liquor is not your thing). We will cover all food and drinks until we have exhausted our budget, so you only have to bring your smiling, science-loving self to this party!

ScienceBlogs’ Seattle area Millionth Comment party:

Date: Saturday, 27 September
Time: 4pm PT until ??
Location: the upper mezzanine of Ozzie’s Roadhouse at 105 West Mercer Street in Seattle, which is near the Space Needle [map].
SciBling hosts: Sandy, Maria and Dave, and me!