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A DonorsChoose Teacher Responds

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Already, dear readers, you are making a difference. For example, today, a classroom in North Carolina learned that they will be able to study a variety of microscopic life using prepared slides that you purchased for them. Thank you!

Of course, I will be sharing all updates with you that they send during the upcoming school year.

Dear Grrlscientist,

More Than Meets the Eye,” funded in your honor by ANONYMOUS, is now becoming a reality for the students of Mrs. M, with the help of a Double Your Impact grant from Duke Energy. You can expect feedback on this proposal by 02/08/2009. In the meantime, Mrs. M wrote you this note:

Dear GrrlScientist,

THANKS SOOOOOOOOOO much!!! As soon as I got the e-mail confirming that the project was funded I read it to my students. The students are so excited about seeing all of the micro-organisms/slides you are providing us with. Your willingness to help the students means more than you will ever know! They can’t wait to use the materials in class. People like you make learning fun!!! Iris


The Team


  1. #1 The Ridger
    October 3, 2008

    Hey, the Donors Choose people got me to put up a Challenge page myself this year. I can’t compete with SB, of course, but it really is a great cause.

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