Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

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The end of the month approaches, and with it, Hallowe’en and — even more important — the end of ScienceBlogs’ DonorsChoose Challenges! I am truly impressed with your generosity towards impoverished kids throughout America as their teachers struggle to improve their science education — afterall, these kids are going to be voting soon, and if they have a crappy science education, they too will join the ranks of Sarah Palin and John McCain by berating important scientific research that they don’t understand and have absolutely no clue about. Instead, by improving our kids’ knowledge of science, we are safeguarding our future as well as theirs, so won’t you help?

Your gift to DonorsChoose is fully tax-deductable and, if you email your donation receipt confirmation to ScienceBlogs, you will be added to a drawing for lots of wonderful prizes, including an Apple iPod Touch. How can you say no to that??

Don’t wait to donate: you are going to be busy with Hallowe’en plans: candy-giving; taking pictures of the kids; costumes; and since Hallowe’en is on a Friday this year, you’ll also be partying the night away and watching scary films with your friends, so donate now so you don’t forget!