Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

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Already, dear readers, you are making a difference. For example, today, an impoverished classroom in American’s capital city learned that they will be able to learn how to identify wild birds in Washington DC because you donated enough for them to fulfill their funding request. Thank you!

Of course, I will be sharing all updates with you that they and all “our classrooms” send during the upcoming school year.

Birding in Washington, DC

Dear GrrlScientist,

Birds are a major topic of study in science for our third graders. The history and demographics for Washingotn, DC is the focus for social studies, so the Birding in DC concept made a perfect fit. Birding in our nation’s capitol is an increasingly popular activity among its citizens and visitors from around the world. With your generous contribution my students will have a head start on this incredible phenomenon while they are still in elementary school. In our studies thus far, we have discovered that there are over 200 different species of birds that are right here in our back yard. The binoculars and the sketch pads along with the help of the birding guide will help us accurately capture the images of the birds and to have a understanding of both their anatomy and the habitat in which they live. We thank you for your generosity support of our educational system.