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A DonorsChoose Teacher Speaks Out

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As of yesterday, an impoverished 9th grade classroom in Massachusetts learned that they will be able to learn about the evolution of hominids because you donated enough for them to fulfill their funding request. Thank you!

Of course, I will be sharing all updates with you that they and all “our classrooms” send during the upcoming school year.

9th Graders Study Evolution: Did We Really Evolve From Apes?

Dear GrrlScientist,

Thank you so much for your support! I am very happy to know that there are people out there who believe that science is an important subject to learn in school and understand the need for more modern science materials in the classroom. My students and I can’t wait to receive the hominid skulls. This will definitely help them begin to understand how we evolved from early man.


  1. #1 Grant
    November 9, 2008

    Nice! Just plain pure nice. What a program.
    I studied hominid evolution in a class at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History in 1974, but am jealous of these great kids…a lot has been discovered since Lucy! Also, the teacher may want to know that as of 2 years ago, when he spoke near me, Richard Leaky was a part-timer at Stony Brook when not in Kenya. You might want to Google SB and see if his work is on the site. Good luck, kids, you’ll love it for the rest of your lives!

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