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Ghost Bird

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This streaming video is a clip from an upcoming movie called Ghost Bird. This film is a documentary about the controversial rediscovery of North America’s largest woodpecker species, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, which went extinct early last century [3:29].

To learn more about the film, visit the Ghost Bird website. You might also be interested in reading this news article.


  1. #1 cyberthrush
    December 1, 2008

    Keep up with the searches/news here:

  2. #2 Jeremy
    December 2, 2008

    Neat. I can’t wait to see this. I used the IB sightings as an example in a paper I wrote a few years ago on the epistemology of testimony. Interesting philosophical and scientific issues aside, one hopes that the region where the sightings occurred will use the notoriety to create a conservation and “ecotourism” industry. They should expand their focus beyond just the IB, think about birding tour guides, natural history museums, etc.

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