Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

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This blog, along with all the other blogs hosted at ScienceBlogs, will be un-edit-able starting at 1300 today, and extending into the future for at least 36 hours (Saturday night). This means that, even though you can see and read blog entries, no one will be able to add any comments. Not only that, but my scheduled blog posts will not appear until the site is functioning again, nor can I add any new material. The reason is that the overlords are upgrading the entire site to Movable Type 4.0, which presumably means the site will have lots of new features (without any bugs, hahaha) after the agony is over. Until then, I will go crazy, since my blog is my only real contact with the outside world. As a result, after I have finished scrubbing my entire apartment from ceiling to floor, I will probably be guest blogging for several sites (one essay will be about my experiences with keeping Celebes rainbowfishes, Telmatherina ladigesi, in captivity, and the other will be about some aspect of keeping parrots in captivity) but links to those essays will not be posted until after my blog has been restored to full functionality. [NOTE: one of my colleagues, Chris, made a generous donation to GrrlScientist’s “Too Much Fun Club”, so I might actually be hanging around my watering hole for awhile this afternoon]. I will also be pub crawling with scientist and writer, Don Prothero, on Saturday, so that should take some of the edge off.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience and overlook my extreme anxiety.