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Here’s the latest blog carnivals for you to read;

The very first issue of Diversity in Science blog carnival, which celebrates minorities and under-represented groups who are scientists and those who are working to increase the overall diversity of working scientists.

I also was asked to let you know that there is an upcoming issue of the homeschooling blog carnival that is seeking submissions. This blog carnival was recently renamed the “academy of science and technology” blog carnival because the carnival owner wants to expand its horizons and refocus the topics onto science. Specifically, she’s looking for at-home projects, classroom and home teaching, and any other projects or suggestions where kids and adults can explore and discover science together. I think this is a very worthwhile goal, and one that we should strive to support.


  1. #1 DeafScientist
    February 25, 2009

    Two things:

    1. Reading way too fast, probably under hopeful anticipation, I read “under-represented groups who are scientists” to include “disabled” scientists and discovered it was about a racial minority instead. Nothing about deaf scientists there! Oh, well…

    (This reminds me that I rarely put down my hearing loss in job applications: does the “minorities with equal skills” thing really make much difference, or it largely PC political statements? Probably asking on the wrong forum, I’ll try ask over there.)

    Good to see all the same, but I’d consider the issue “won” when it no longer is something that need special mention.

    2. That link does something weird in my browser: it loads “over the top” of a another page I have open in another window, something I’ve seen before. Might be a bizarre browser bug, but my instincts are that it contains a Javascript window open call that targets a named window or the like. Whatever, it won’t matter to others… (hopefully)

  2. #2 DNLee
    February 26, 2009

    1. Thanks Grrl!

    In response to Deaf Scientitst…We plan to do a carnival on all groups. The carnival was born out of ideas of how the science blogging community can create more presence for women and minorities. The Carnival itself isn’t about any one group, but the month of Feb was in salute to Black History Month. Next month being Women’s History Month the carnival will be dedicated to Women in Science.

    We plan to also celebrate Native American and Latino Heritage months, in the fall. It’s always been the intent of the Carnival conspirators to include many more groups than this, including persons with disabilities. However, I will admit I need help being an ally at times. When would be a good time for a carnival for scientists with disabilities? I’m a timing/theme person so I like to connect with existing celebration dates like a famous court case anniversary or something. Our summer is wide open and I don’t want things to lull too badly.

  3. #3 Heraclides
    February 26, 2009

    Off-hand, I don’t know of any particular special dates that would apply to all “disabilities”. I’m very busy so my brain isn’t up to much (!). Maybe a tie-in with a disabilities act or UN charter? The one is probably too soon: (my own country was one of those leading the way for this).

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