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The End of My Frugal Life?

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Goodbye, 99-cent store.

You kept me alive on my
(miserable lack of) income for years,
but now, alas, it’s goodbye.

Image: GrrlScientist, 9 June 2009 [larger view].

Is this the end of frugal living for me?

If there was either a god or justice in this life, the McDonald’s that is two doors down would have burned up instead.


  1. #1 John
    June 9, 2009

    I hope no one was injured.

  2. #2 PEM
    June 9, 2009

    I had been hoping this was going to be good news. You deserve to have your life of enforced frugality end.

  3. #3 "GrrlScientist"
    June 9, 2009

    well, if wishes were horses, you and me both would be riding triple crown winners.

    as it is ..

  4. #4 Bob O'H
    June 10, 2009

    A friend of mine commented “That must have caused dollars of damage”.

    Look on the bright side – they might have a fire sale.

  5. #5 MadScientist
    June 10, 2009

    Unfortunately that’s not unusual for dollar shops when the economy goes bad; they barely scrape out a living in good times and in bad times some operators would rather take their chances with the insurance investigators.

    But cheer up, godless people like me are always happy to help if only people ask (and sometimes even if they don’t, but I’m not psychic and I don’t go out of my way to look for people who need help).

  6. #6 David Harmon
    June 10, 2009

    Ouch, that sucks.

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