Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)

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In this video, we learn that the know-it-alls who dreamed up the Big Bang and evolution don’t know what they’re talking about. Edward Current proves this with a few simple science experiments. (ps, sorry about the picture quality. I thought ‘white balance’ had something to do with banning immigrants.) [5:05]


  1. #1 Owen
    June 28, 2009

    That’s got to be a joke, right?

  2. #2 MikeMa
    June 28, 2009

    Joke no, satire yes. Satire to most people but sadly, not all.

  3. #3 Bob O'H
    June 28, 2009

    Grrl. Get off America! It must be sinking. Get out while you can!

  4. #4 Art
    June 28, 2009

    Wow, just wow.

  5. #5 Mark C
    July 2, 2009

    “…continents mixing the gene pool…”

    This is the best comedy I’ve seen in a while.

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