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Update: Antarctic Vote Count

The current Antarctic Trip Vote count is as follows; 728 – 582 – 455 – 368 – 292 out of 228 candidates registered. I am in second place.

If you’ve already voted, then please encourage your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to vote for the person whom you think would be best for this unique job: traveling to Antarctica for the month of February 2010 and writing about it for the public on a blog. Here is my 300-word essay; hopefully, you will agree that I am a very well-qualified candidate for this job opportunity. Voting ends 30 September and there is one vote allowed per valid email address (registration required).


  1. #1 Andrew
    July 5, 2009

    I don’t know if this helps you, or if someone else has already pointed this out, but I’ve figured out why there are so many reports of people being unable to register to vote (i.e. when signing up on the site, no confirmation email arrives).

    The fault is that of whoever set up the confirmation mailing script; it makes no attempt to provide a valid sender address, instead setting the sender to <> (obviously a default that someone forgot to configure) which means that the majority of mail systems will refuse to accept the mail since the sender address does not resolve.

  2. #2 Andrew
    July 5, 2009

    Oh, to clarify, the faulty address is the envelope sender, not the From: (or Sender:) address. (They are not the same thing, but the distinction is often missed by people not familiar with the inner workings of email.)

  3. #3 Cameron
    July 12, 2009

    Thanks for finding that. I had to call in to get my entry registration approved.

    It’s been a blast to browse through the other entries and I’m starting to realize I just want to meet and hang out with everybody that is entering this contest!

    I’m slowly collecting my votes and am probably overly optimistic that I will be able to get within range of the leaders, but ‘ya got to be in it to win it’.


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