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Tvärminne Wildflowers, 2

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Wildflowers photographed at Tvärminnen eläintieteellinen asema
(Tvärminne Zoological field research station) in southwestern Finland.
[read more about it: English Suomeksi På Svenska]

Image: GrrlScientist, 16 July 2009 [larger view]. (raw image)

Can you name the species?


  1. #1 Vasha
    July 19, 2009

    Lysimachia vulgaris: recognized as Lysimachia because of the five stamens partially joined at the base, and the sepals not fully covering the developing buds, among other things, and as L. vulgaris because (besides the fact that it’s in Europe) the inflorescence is above the leaves and the leaves are relatively narrow.

    (Actually, the above paragraph is not “how I recognized it”: I glanced at it and said “That’s a loosestrife!” and then I tried to come up with concrete justification after the fact. I’m sure I’m right, though.)

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