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Spire in the Sky, 2

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Spire in the Sky, 2.

St. Olav’s Church, Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia.

Image: GrrlScientist, 22 July 2009 [larger view]. (raw image)


  1. #1 MadScientist
    July 28, 2009

    [OT] Which witch? Have you seen the update on the witch job?

  2. #2 "GrrlScientist"
    July 28, 2009

    this witch knows all, and sees all.

  3. #3 Lassi Hippeläinen
    July 29, 2009

    The spire was raised to 159 metres in 1549, which at the time made it the tallest building in the whole wide world. In 1625 the Ceiling Cat got irritated by it and smote it down with a lightning. Today it is a bit lower at 123 metres.

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